Sailing trips:

4 hour day trip for 12 guests : €480 (€40 p.p.)

An afternoon’s sailing after a morning at work? The Jacobsschelp is moored and ready to leave Muiden from the quay, 40 meters north of the lock.
 A beautiful afternoon’s sailing with your friends and/or colleagues starting at 12:30. Lunch will be ready and waiting for you on board so you can enjoy sailing until 16:30.

A midday visit to Pampus island or Durgerdam or just a relaxing moment to enjoy the sun and wind in the sails. Let the wind decide a course and enjoy the quietness on the water.

Day trip for 12 guests: €690 – 740 (€57,50 p.p.)

A full day sailing from Weesp or Muiden. Boarding at 10:00 and disembarking at 17:00 (times can vary depending on wishes).
For a fully catered day trip, see our catering packages.
After a short presentation and history lesson about the flat bottom sailing ship offered with tea and coffee, the guests will help releasing the mooring lines, uncover the sails and prepare the main and fore sails to be used. 
After leaving the historical sea lock, we will sail along the Muiderslot (Castle) and the Royal Yacht Harbour, home to the Groene Draek (Green Dragon). As soon as we reach the Markermeer/Ijselmeer, we will sail out of the port and set sail. If the wind is against us, we may need to wait until we have passed the breakwaters to set sail. All persons on board are welcome to help setting sails, just watching and enjoying the ride is also possible.

Depending on the weather and the wind, guests decide what route they would like to take, after all, this is your voyage! Wind allowing, it is possible to sail to Volendam and back to Muiden. Pampus is 2 nautical miles (nm), only 4 km north of Muiden. Passing beside the Waterland Dijk, you will catch a glimpse of the rooftops of Uitdam abode the dike. After leaving Marken, the famous lighthouse “Paard van Marken” (Horse of Marken) shines in the distance.

IT is always nice to take a break while sailing and moor somewhere during the day. This involves lowering the sails and packing them, hanging fenders, hauling up the sideboards and going alongside without use of the engine when possible. 
Durgerdam is an all time favourite destination. The mere 75 cm draught of the Jacobsschelp enables us to moor on the quay of the Old Tavern. This lovely berth surrounded by reeds showcases an old fishing village with wooden facades. The authentic feel of the town, although so close to the big city of Amsterdam is well worth the visit.

Enter the harbour of Volendam and buy a smoked mackerel or herring, take a group picture wearing traditional volendamer costumes… there are many things to do and see in this area.

Weekend 6-8 persons € 1145:
7 persons= €164 p.p.

Friday 20 hours

Take your food supplies with you. 
Please consult with us if you wish for the Jacobsschelp to supply food.
 The Jacobsschelp berth is located on the river Vecht in front of our home garden. Pack and stow all items intelligently so that things that you need are easily accessible and no items are shifting or fall down due to the ship heeling.

 Introduction and a short familiarization of how to use the facilities on board, including the toilet, gas cooking installation, lighting and other general on board rules.

Agreement for the departure time for the following day.
Relax in the evening time in the cockpit or the salon or choose to visit one of the restaurants or cafes across the harbor within walking distance of the ship’s berth. 

The ship is equipped with 2 x 2 persons beds, 2 x 1 person beds and 2 individual sleeping bunks. The skipper returns to the boat in the morning.

Saturday +/- 10.00
Our house is equipped with a dedicated shower for Jacobsschelp’s guests.
Our journey to Muiden begins on the river Vecht after breakfast. Coffee/ tea? Already getting used to steering the boat. Having arrived on the Ijselmeer/ Markermeer the sails are hoisted. Instructions are given at the mast to at least two persons allowing you to hoist the mainsail without assistance when the time comes. After the mainsail, the foresail is raised and the sheets are belayed.

15.00 an intermediate stop in Volendam or Marken is possible to have a look around.
After that an overnight stay in the beautiful cheese metropolis of Edam?

+/- 18.00

Arrival in Hoorn, Edam, Volendam, Marken or Monnickendam. Arrival harbor is dependent on the possibilities presented by wind-forecast to enjoy smooth sailing, the evening program you wish to take part in and the affect it has on the voyage itinereary the following day. Most of these harbors provide the possibility to use shower facilities ashore.

The skipper sleeps on board or arranges an alternative bed and breakfast/ blockhut if space on board is an issue.

Sunday 16.00- 17.00

Sail back using the skill set you acquired during the previous day. If the wind is favorable enough, it should be possible to make a stop somewhere on the way back to Weesp. Via Muiden back to Weesp on the the Vecht. The ship is brought back to an orderly state. The galley is clean and the ship is swept. This is very doable during this final part of the voyage.

Available on board:

Dishwashing liquid, brushes, tea towels, garbage bags, general purpose cleaner, mops, cleaning towels, pepper, salt, curry powder, plates, cutlery, glasses,  mugs, pots, pans, serving dishes, egg cups, thermos, coffee, filters, coffee pot, teapot bed sheets, pillow, pillow covers, air mattress and pump. 
Take with you:
Provisions (the skipper eats together with the guests as is customary during charters)

Take bread for Saturday morning with you or walk over to the nearby bakery (5min walk). It is also possible to buy fresh bread underway, when passing the lock in Muiden.

Use a travel bag for your luggage instead of a suitcase. Useful items are: sleeping bag, toiletry kit, towel, warm clothes (layers that can be worn on top of each other), dry socks, dry shoes, rain clothes, boots, sunscreen, swimming attire, shorts, in spring and autumn mittens/ gloves and a hat.