Sailingvessel Tjalk Jacobsschelp

Bertie and Gerrit Protengen are two experiences skippers who have been sailing their traditional
1899 Dutch sailing boat, the Jacobsschelp what means Jacobsshell, for many years. Boarding is possible from the fortified historical towns of Weesp or Muiden. 
Guests boarding in Weesp will sail along the river Vecht to Muiden and on to the Ijsselmeer and the Markermeer. The Jacobsschelp is ideal for team building, corporate events, weekend sailing trips, family outings, weddings, bachelorparties, and private venues for groups of 12 persons maximum.

IJsselmeer, Markermeer Muiden, Pampus and Volendam

DSC07464The sailing area for a day trip or a weekend under sail is the Markermeer, Ijsselmeer, river Vecht and the adjacent lakes.
Durgerdam, Pampus, IJburg, Amsterdam, Volendam, Edam, Monnickendam, Hoorn and Enkhuizen.

Sailing on the traditional Dutch sailboat Jacobsschelp
Turning the engine off, setting sails and feel the wind powering the beautiful flat bottom vessel is what this is all about! The Jacobsschelp’s rigging and leeboards are operated manually, makinDSC06287g the understanding of sailing and manoeuvring of the various sails easier for
all. The ship’s 75 cm draft enables us to go to almost any destination within our sailing area. For the active landlubbers and more experienced sailors, there is plenty to do on board. The cockpit is very comfortable to hang out in while the foredeck is ideal for lounging. The interior is furnished with a large table allowing groups to play games or simply enjoy a book.

The interior
The beautiful Jacobsschelp’s gorgeous carpentry and woodwork will provide guests with a rich/warm atmosphere. The vessel’s facilities include a fully equipped kitchen with serving dishes and cutlery, running hot and cold water, refrigerator and a separate toilet with lavatory. It is possible to stand upright everywhere inside the boat except in the cabins in front of the mast

Safety and Navigation
The ship is equipped with: life vests (children’s sizes available upon request), rain clothes, first aid kit, life ring/buoys, flares, compass, radio, GPS, VHF radio, depth sounder, mobile phone, almanac and charts.
The ship has all-risk insurance and all persons on board are protected by liability insurance.

Both Bertie and

Gerrit have decades of sailing experience and hold masters certificates of competency for inland waterways.

Technical details:
Boat dimensions: 14,50 x 3,50 x 0,70
Rig: main sail, foresail, jib, half winder, water sail
Motor: Ford 60hp
Number of guests for a day trip: maximum 12
Number of overnight guests: 7 – 8

Day trip packing list:
• food
• warm clothes (nights get pretty cold in the summer as well)
• shawls, scarves, hats and gloves
• shoes with a good grip (hiking shoes recommended)
• waterproof clothing
• swimming attire
• sunscreen
• sunglasses and/or protective hood, hat etc…
• music instruments
• strap to secure glasses
• ID card/Passport

When spending the night on board:
• blankets/sleeping bags
• toiletries
• towels
• small flash light
• toilet paper (maximum 3 layers)
• hand-towels, tee towels
• CDs
• what ever items you deem essential to pack

Items to leave at home:

• washing detergent and multipurpose cleaner (we have biodegradable cleaning products on board)
• plastic cups and plastic cutlery
• salt and pepper
• rigid suitcases are not recommended as they are difficult to store in the limited space available below deck
• garbage bags
• nice/expensive clothing (these may get filthy or damaged while doing an outdoor activity)
• high heel shoes